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We are a top AI application development company helping businesses to feature intelligence to their ecosystems by building AI-driven applications and integration services. Hire expert AI-ML engineers from PDV Technocrats who have proven expertise in AI and ML tools and technologies like TensorFlow, Apache SystemML, Caffe, Apache Mahout, OpenNN, Torch, Neuroph, Mycroft AI, etc. We infuse AI elements to existing business processes to spice up productivity.

Strategic Planning & Roadmap

Everything starts with a comprehensive analysis of your business, system, vision and goals. Our AI-ML experts will analyse your system to propose an in depth system architecture with associated tools and technologies. To prove the feasibility, we test small-scale models by conceptualizing, designing, developing and testing. This ensures the applicability and viability of the AI & Machine Learning model for implementation. We assist you with intense performance analysis to reinforce overall quality.

  • System Analysis
  • Conceptualization
  • Implementation
  • Performance Refinement

Custom Chatbots

We are humans and we propose a chatbot development strategy which will be an ideal fit your business goals and user experience. Let the bots do what they’re made for! We are experts to create intelligent bots to drive a natural conversational experience to your users and bots that simplify processes.

  • NLP/Deep Learning Based Chatbot Development
  • Flow based Chatbot Development
  • Functional Chatbot Development
  • Chatbot Backend Development
  • Chatbot Development with Dialogue flow (API.AI)
  • Chatbot Development using IBM Watson Framework

Advanced Predictive Business Analytics

We assist you in taking proactive business decisions to attenuate risks and achieve the results. Our experts develop and deploy advanced predictive analytics solutions to your existing system applications leveraging AI and Machine Learning algorithms. By using your business data of the past and present, we develop predictive models to offer you forecast with insights about future events to optimize processes and productivity.

  • Supervised Learning Algorithm Development
  • Unsupervised Learning Algorithm Development
  • Decision Pattern Recognition Development
  • Data Modeling

Visual Recognition

Machine Learning (ML) specialists at PDV Technocrats develop visual recognition solutions to spot objects, faces, text, scenes, etc. and supply related insights, even as a person’s would do. Our ML-driven solutions assist you to tag, categorize and search visual content using deep learning algorithms. we’ve capabilities to deliver visual recognition solutions for diverse industries like automotive, retail, manufacturing, surveillance, healthcare, etc.

  • Face Recognition
  • Image Recognition
  • Object Detection
  • Emotions Learning
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

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