What will you learn in this Workshop

The workshop enables you to understand the foundations/ building blocks of AI and to understand how they can be used to solve complex business problems.
  • What is AI
  • What is the value proposition of AI projects
  • What is an AI project – Key characteristics of an AI project
  • AI problems:   Classification, Regression, Recommendation etc.
Business case
  • AI business readiness and maturity   
  • AI projects – causes for success
  • AI projects causes for failure
  • Creating the AI project business case
  • How to define incremental wins
  • How to create competitive advantage
  • Understanding the state of the art(industry KPIs and benchmarks)
  • Model evaluation
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Course Director : Artificial Intelligence – Cloud and Edge Implementations. University of Oxford and entrepreneur 

Based in London, Ajit’s  work spans research, entrepreneurship and academia relating to artificial intelligence (AI)  with Edge Computing, 5G and Cybersecurity.

He is the course director of the course: Artificial Intelligence: Cloud and Edge Implementations at the University of Oxford. 

Besides this, he also conducts the University of Oxford courses: AI for Cybersecurity and Computer Vision.

Ajit works as a Data Scientist through his company feynlabs – focusing on building innovative early stage AI prototypes for domains such as cybersecurity, robotics and healthcare.

Ajit is the chief AI officer of digitty.io (based in Berlin) and he is on the advisory board of the New York based cybersecurity company castellum.ai

Besides the University of Oxford, Ajit has also conducted AI courses in the London School of Economics (LSE), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and as part of the The Future Society at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

He is also currently working on a book to teach AI using mathematical foundations at high school level. 

His PhD research is based on AI and Affective Computing (how AI interprets emotion).

Ajit has contributed to the World Economic Forum and  the European Parliament on technology and AI themes.

Planned Workshops

Al ethics- Best practices

An AI code of ethics, also called an AI value platform, is a policy statement that formally defines the role of artificial intelligence.

How to manage AI projects

Developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the five phases of project management include conception.

Intellectual Property Rights and Artificial Intelligence

In the global innovation economy, demand for IP rights – patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copyright.

AI Business Strategy for Competitive advantage

An AI Strategy defines your AI priorities, goals, milestones, mission, and vision.

AI for government and policy makers

Government agencies have been discussing artificial intelligence (AI) for more than a decade, and as technology and legislation progress.

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