AWS Business Continuity Plan


What is an AWS Business Continuity Plan?

A business continuity plan (BCP) may be a structured and detailed arrangement of guidelines designed to recover system and networks within the event that they’ve failed or are attacked. These plans are geared toward getting your organization operational as quickly as possible.

An on-premises recovery plan is usually expensive to implement and maintenance, which is why companies often leverage the solutions that their cloud vendor has provided for them. AWS users have a plus , as Amazon partners with various which make sure the simplicity of this process.

Why do i want an AWS Business Continuity Plan?

Establishing a business continuity plan is more critical now than ever, especially if you’ve got plans to grow your business. Studies show that over 100,000 small businesses closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. BCP’s are designed for catastrophes like the Coronavirus that leave the economy during a drought and businesses struggling to remain afloat.

A well-thought-out strategy will help prime you and your employees during economic distress in order that you recognize what to try to to at the proper time. Overall, a technique for continuity can assist you recover and avoid downtime during outages or unprecedented situations.

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