AWS Management Services

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AWS Managed Services (AMS) may be a service for managing operations of your AWS infrastructure. AMS provides routine infrastructure operations like patch, continuity management, security management, and IT management processes like incident, change and repair request management.

AWS Management Services Includes

Logging, Monitoring, Guardrails, and Event Management:

AMS configures and monitors your managed environment for logging activity and defines alerts supported a spread of health checks. Alerts are investigated by AMS for applicable AWS services, and people that negatively impact your usage of these services end in the creation of incidents.

AMS aggregates and stores all logs generated as a results of all operations in CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and system logs in S3. Upon request, you’ll invite additional alerts to be put in placeadditionally to AMS’ preventative controls, AMS deploys configuration guardrails and detective controls to supply ongoing protection for you from misconfigurations that would reduce the operational and security integrity of the managed accounts, to enforce your controls like tagging and compliance. When a monitored control is detected an alarm is generated that leads to notification, modification, or termination of resources supported pre-defined AMS default which will be modified by you.

Continuity management (Backup & Restore):

AMS provides backups of resources using standard, existing AWS Backup functionality on a scheduled interval determined by you. Restore actions from...

specific snapshots are often performed by AMS together with your RFC. Data changes that occur between snapshot intervals are your responsibility to backup. you’ll submit an RFC for backup or snapshot requests outside of scheduled intervals. within the case of Availability Zone (AZ) unavailability in an AWS Region, together with your permission, AMS restores the managed environment by recreating new stack(s) supported templates and available EBS snapshots of the impacted Stacks.

Security and access management:

AMS provides security management services like configuring anti-virus and anti-malware protection. AMS also configures default AWS security capabilities that are approved by you...

during onboarding, like identity access management (IAM) roles and EC2 security groups, and uses standard AWS tools (e.g. SecurityHub, Macie, GuardDuty) to watch and answer security issues. You manage your users through an approved directory service provided by you. For an inventory of approved directory services, see Supported configurations.

AMS includes endpoint security (EPS), which is inclusive of antivirus (AV), and anti-malware protection, malware and intrusion detection (Trend Micro). Security groups are defined per stack template and are modified at launch counting on the visibility of the appliance (public/private) security groups.

Access to systems is requested through change management requests for change (RFCs). Access management provides access to distinct resources, like Amazon EC2 instances, the AWS Management Console, and APIs. After establishing a one-way trust with an AMS Microsoft Active Directory deployment during onboarding and federating to AWS, you’ll use your existing corporate credentials for all interactions.

Incident management:

AMS proactively notifies you of incidents detected by AMS. AMS responds to both customer-submitted and AMS-generated incidents and resolves incidents supported the incident priority.

Unless otherwise instructed by you, incidents that are determined by AMS to be a risk to the safety of your managed environment, and incidents concerning the supply of AMS and other AWS services, are proactively actioned. AMS takes action on all other incidents once your authorization is received. Recurring incidents are addressed by the matter management process.

Service request management :

You can request information about your managed environment, AMS, or AWS service offerings by submitting service requests using the AMS interface.

Service request types also include “How to” questions on AWS services and features, troubleshooting API issues, and technical support cases.

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