Cloud Strategy Services

Graph your course for cloud-first achievement

There are numerous ways to cloud selection. Be that as it may, to pick up the effectiveness, versatility and dexterity required to drive advancement, associations need a grapple collaborate with cloud-first understanding. From choosing the correct cloud merchants, cloud engineering, to cloud security arrangements, PDV gives the full range of cloud system administration required to configuration, convey and oversee cloud situations.

PDV cloud system administrations range across applications and framework:

  • Cloud availability evaluation 
  • Cloud guide and methodology 
  • Cloud engineering review 
  • Change the executives 
  • Cloud security guide 
  • Multi cloud methodology and cloud fitment examination 
  • Remaining task at hand planning and TCO expectation 
  • Advancement hatchery: Digital Pumpkin 

PDV works intimately with customers to comprehend their total business condition. To help cloud methodology, our specialists create business cases with a measurements driven ROI guide. We fabricate a system for cloud draws near (open, private, and crossover), cloud types (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), reference models, security strategy and cloud the board stage. With the assistance of our vital associations, we evaluate the present status of utilizations and framework and prescribe the most effective and ideal to-be state.

PDV portfolio investigation administrations include: 

  • Present status examination 
  • Cloud fitment investigation 
  • Relocation plans and courses of events
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