Cloud Management Services

Characterizing clear and steady procedures to guarantee high cloud execution and accessibility

Exhaustive cloud the board is essential to secure cloud resources against vulnerabilities, information misfortune and personal times. Cloud’s actual potential can’t be outfit by overseeing it like a server farm. Start to finish imperceptibility of framework and applications remediates execution and usage issues and builds efficiency, security and consistency. PDV rich foundation and application experience empowers high accessibility and persistent advancement in a cross breed cloud over the business application environment.

PDV Cloud Management Services includes: 

  • Hazard reports and remediation plans 
  • Estimate and patterns revealing 
  • Enhancement in spending 
  • Customary operational measurements 
  • Debacle recuperation test reports 
  • Improvement plans 
  • Mechanization and DevOps

PDV has built up a particular way to deal with convey the board through its demonstrated cloud the executives stage and gifted workforce. Our foundation conveys incorporated usefulness of ITSM, checking, APM and log investigation, and change and issue goals. We additionally empower incorporation of cloud with inheritance IT scene. Moreover, we give a solitary window to see the strength of IT assets in half breed or multi-cloud situations. 

PDV addresses the difficulties of both application and foundation, together alluded to as AppliStructure. Our methodology is to convey security-as-cleanliness. This implies building security at each progression of the conveyance procedure instead of transposing security in disconnection. Obviously, we convey the correct apparatuses to help in string forecast, ID and remediation.