Converging imaginations with reality

Being a number one VR, AR, and MR Services, development company, we build immersive experiences on popular headsets for enterprise use cases and games. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality solutions that engage your audiences in new, immersive, and meaningful ways. We make sure our AR, VR, and MR tools improve your organizational efficiency, yield high-quality solutions, add value to your businesses, and let you achieve business goals.

Converging Imaginations With Reality

We help companies & organizations utilize Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a fast-growing technology, and it is becoming highly accessible to both private people and businesses. VR has already become a powerful tool in the gaming industry, and it is now transforming multiple industries. Virtual Reality marketing trends suggest, that early adopters will embrace the window of opportunity technology has created.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a digital tool that can create value within a wide range of businesses. To use AR effectively, businesses must look at opportunities to leverage the technology to better engage with customers – and differentiate your offer – with buyers.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real-time. This device has the ability to increase efficiency, minimize errors, and push the optimization of processes to the limit. It’s the reinvention of the portable computer.

The computer game is the next level of fantasy – that’s real.

The basic concept of VR apps is to enable users to experience a virtual 3D space through digital and gesture-based interaction. With the fast-growing augmented, virtual, and mixed reality world in digital space, the whole mechanism to supply interactive experience has reached new heights. With customized and rich interaction methods, it’s easier for a Brand, Enterprise, or specific industry vertical, to possess apps for users, that mimic the real world or environment.

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Benefits of Virtual Reality

  • Innovation in the field of medicine (an example is the use of VR for therapy of stress and anxiety-related disorders)
  • Better quality delivery in the construction industry (Effectively used for creating 3-D designs and walkthroughs by architects)
  • Transformation in the education sector (by enabling interactive and fun learning for students using audio-visual learning tools)
  • Cost reduction for corporates by eliminating the need to travel (facilitates meetings, training, workshops). Companies are also using VR-based training to give employees a feel of real-life situations and how to deal with them.
  • New services in the media industry (users can enjoy live streaming of events, tournaments, and concerts comfortably at home) 
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Benefits of Augmented Reality

  • Innovation in the movie and gaming industry ( Provide a unique experience for customers with high-quality, engaging content)
  • Higher revenues for the retail industry (By creating AR stores and markets. Customers will be able to try clothes without wearing them!)
  • Reduction in cost of training using Augmented Reality simulators – Pilots can learn flying, and doctors can perform surgeries
  • Promotes the travel and tourism industry by enabling new experiences for visitors in locations like museums
  • Reduction in waste in the manufacturing sector (By providing visualization aid to automobile designers who can place virtual parts on a real car body and see how the final product will look)

VR for your business


Realistic simulation of procedure and practicing the steps


Real-life experience for training defense personnel or showcasing the technical details of a weapon.


Build experience of ultimate product or a demo to elucidate production line


Build interactive learning apps for college kids and remote training

VR Games

We make interactive games that support realistic 3D experiences for various genres.

Customer Loyalty

Create a sensible sports experience for training driven by physics

Wearable Device apps for Apple & Android Wearables

Bringing People and Technology closer, one app at a time. Converging your app ideas to run on the foremost personal devices with modern technology.

Virtual Reality Apps

Virtual Reality Apps

We build multi-platform VR apps for Oculus, Gear VR, Google Cardboard, iOS, Android, web players, and more. – choose which of them you really do

Google Glass Apps

Google Glass Apps

We can assist you develop Google Glassware from the ground up or add conjunction together with your existing iOS or Android Apps, using Google Mirror API to make innovative, useful, and fun Apps for the device.

Google Cardboard Apps

Google Cardboard Apps

Google Cardboard is one of the foremost affordable VR viewers so far. Even during its experimental phase, it’s panned out reasonably well. We’ll enable your App idea to function when used within the Cardboard viewer providing the user with an immersive visual experience with VR aesthetics.

Fitness / Health Tracker Devices

Fitness / Health Tracker Devices

Health tracking devices are a subsequent big thing within wearable technology. We work with popular healthcare and fitness tracker devices like Fitbit, Jawbone, Run keeper, Runtastic, and Strava, alongside a customized device your vendor could provide with the SDK.

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